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Iran: A Modern history
عنوان :

Author: Amanat, Abbas
مولف/نويسنده : امانت، عباس

ISBN: 978-0-300-11254-2

Publisher: yale university press
ناشر :

Language: English

Size: 6 x 9

Publication Year: 2017

Edition: 1

Weight: 4

ISBN: 9780300112542

ISBN: 978-0300112542

Volume 1: 979 pages

Published in: United States

Special Features: This history of modern Iran is not a survey in the conventional sense but an ambitious exploration of the story of a nation. It offers a revealing look at how events, people, and institutions are shaped by currents that sometimes reach back hundreds of years. The book covers the complex history of the diverse societies and economies of Iran against the background of dynastic changes, revolutions, civil wars, foreign occupation, and the rise of the Islamic Republic. Abbas Amanat combines chronological and thematic approaches, exploring events with lasting implications for modern Iran and the world. Drawing on diverse historical scholarship and emphasizing the twentieth century, he addresses debates about Iran’s culture and politics. Political history is the driving narrative force, given impetus by Amanat's decades of research and study. He layers the book with discussions of literature, music, and the arts; ideology and religion; economy and society; and cultural identity and heritage.

Subject: History of Iran (contemporary)

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