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haunted in milak
عنوان :

Author: Alikhani, Yousef
مولف/نويسنده : علی خانی، یوسف

ISBN: 978-964-2667-80-2

Translator: Davarkia, Mandana
مترجم : داورکیا، ماندانا

Language: English

Size: 5½ x 8½

Publication Year: 2014

Edition: 1

Weight: 1

ISBN: 9789642667802

ISBN: 978-9642667802

Published in: England

Special Features: There was a trail of blood left on the ground. It moved from the orchards toward Dasht Rahan, down the village. It then reached the downhill slope of the graveyard, down the shrine, and went up the slope into the shrine. There were also some stones fallen down from the stone-wall underneath the wooden-fence of the porch. The trail of blood disappeared at the holy grave.

Reviews: About the Author: Yousef Alikhani , Iranian writer was born in the Milak village of the Alamout region within the Ghazvin province of Iran. He was graduated from Tehran University in 1998 in Arabic Literature course of study. He has also been active as a journalist in many news agencies in Iran. Except some researching books written by him, he has been the writer of his three successful short stories books, Ghadambekheir was my Grandmother, Dragon Slaying and Willow s Bride. This precious collection of short stories that was released in 2010 has achieved to win many national and international awards. Slaying Widow , the last work by Yousef Alikhani has recently been one of the bestsellers among novels.

Subject: World literature (fiction)

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