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Diaries Ehsan Yarshater
عنوان : یادداشت ها

Author: yarshater, ehsan
مولف/نويسنده : یارشاطر، احسان

ISBN: 978-0578963563

Publisher: bonyade motaleate iran
ناشر : بنیاد مطالعات ایران

Language: farsi

Size: 6 x 9

Publication Year: 2021

Edition: 1

Weight: 2

ISBN: 9780578963563

ISBN: 978-0578963563

Volume 1: 534 pages

Published in: iran

Special Features: Diaries" contains a series of notes written over a period of 26 years (1986-2012, for the Journals of "Irannameh" and "Iranshenasi", by Dr. Ehsan Yarshater- the most prominent scholar in Iranian Studies of our time. Yarshater's notes narrate his observation and evaluation in various thematic areas, all in connection with studies related to Iran from historical and political perspectives, and comprehensive knowledge of Persian language, literature, and culture in different historical periods.

Subject: Memoirs

موضوع کتاب: خاطرات

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