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عنوان : ملای مخوف

مولف/نويسنده : قانعی فرد، عرفان

ISBN: 978-159584-775-1

Publisher: ketab corporation
ناشر : شرکت کتاب

Language: English

Size: 5½ x 8½

Publication Year: 2021

Edition: 1

Weight: 1

ISBN: 9781595847751

ISBN: 978-1595847751

Volume 1: 230 pages

Published in: USA

Special Features: The author in the 3rd page wrote : "This book is humbly dedicated to all intelligence professionals who willingly sacrificed their life to protect and defend the human being and for the elimination of Terrorism / Erfan Fard" In this book, Fard Talks about these important subjects such as: Quds Force; Esmail Qaani; Iran’s Intelligence Minister; Esmaeil Khatib and M.O.I.S ; the Iran policy of Biden Administration; US Intelligence and the Dilemma of Iran; The FBI and Iranian Espionage; Israeli Intelligence and Terrorism of Iranian regime; Biden’s CIA Director and Iran; Antisemitism and Khomeinism; I.R.G.C. ; Iran’s anti-Mullah protests ; Barnea; Mossad and Iran’s regime; Islamic Caliphate, The Succession ; Raisi, The Slaughterous President; an imminent threat for U.S.; Raisi, malign activities of Quds Force; Iran and the Taliban ; CIA Ring in Iran: “All lies!” ; The Hamas and Islamic Terrorism and etc. On Nov, 2021 , Michael Morell ,The former Acting Director and Deputy Director of The Central Intelligence Agency ( C.I.A.) wrote an advance praise for The Grusoe Mullah. Dr. Morell wrote : Erfan Fard has taken a new and important look at one of the most dangerous regimes on the planet. It should be on the bookshelf of anyone interested in Iran and where it is going ... An Interesting book..." About the author: Erfan Fard is an American-Iranian author of Middle East, Iran, Counter-terrorism books and university researches regarding these issues. His books include After 60 Years: The official Biography of Jalal Talabani, In The Net of Events, an interview with Parviz Sabeti, Nightmare of Evin (memoires of a political prisoner at Evin Prison), and The Iran Transnational Terrorist Network. Fard has also written under the full name Erfan Qaneei Fard. Currently, he is a counter-terrorism analyst and Middle East Studies researcher. Fard was born in Sanandaj on September 21, 1976. He moved as a student to United Kingdom. He attended London Metropolitan University. After Studying in International Security Studies, he attended the California State University's Department of Politics. Fard was a First Author who wrote the official Biography of Jalal Talabani with the authorization of Patriotic Union of Kurdistan in Iraqi Presidency Office in Iraq. Then, Fard wrote an exclusive interview with Parviz Sabeti, a high ranking authority of SAVAK. In the United States , Fard received his degree in political science and history. He has had several interviews with the media, including Voice of America, BBC, Alhurra} Iran International, Iran-e-Fard, and Voice of Israel. Fard resides in Washington, D.C. Fard's earlier books were in Persian. He is also a counter-terrorism analyst and Middle East Studies researcher based in Washington, DC. Fard spent approximately 12 Years researching in the Middle East regarding Transnational Terrorist Network and the destructive role of the Iranian regime's terrorist proxies supported by IRGC

Subject: History of Iran (Islamic Republic of Iran)

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