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The Masterpiece, The history of Iran in Persian classic poems
shahkar tarikhe manzoom iran - jelde 5
عنوان : شاهکار(جلد دهم): از پایان زندگی فتحعلی شاه قاجار تا سلطنت ناصرالدین شاه - جلد دهم

Author: Moeinie Kermanshahi, Rahim

ISBN: 978-964-8746-49-5

Publisher: sanaee
ناشر : سنايی

Language: Persina

Size: 6 x 9

Publication Year: 1390

Edition: 1

Weight: 3

ISBN: 9789648746495

ISBN: 978-9648746495

Volume 1: 635 pages

Published in: Iran

Subject: History of Iran (Qajar), Persian literature (classical poetry)

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