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Mc Sweeney`s
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Author: Willumsen,Connor and other writters

ISBN: 978-1952119569

Publisher: McSweeney's Books
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Language: English

Size: 5½ x 8½

Publication Year: 2022

Edition: 1

Weight: 1

ISBN: 9781952119569

ISBN: 978-1952119569

Volume 1: 320 pages

Published in: USA

Special Features: a story about an eccentric childhood neighbor by Julie Hecht; speculative fiction about mothers and daughters in the apocalypse by Siqi Liu; a shocking tale of baby bath time by Zach Williams; a DeafBlind remix of an ancient Indian fable by John Lee Clark; an encounter with your dimmer, more winsome doppelgänger by Yohanca Delgado; and much more. McSweeney's is three-time National Magazine Award winner for Fiction

Subject: Literature and mysticism, World literature (fiction)

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