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Kalila and Dimna
عنوان : کلیله و دمنه

Author: Munshi Nasrullah
مولف/نويسنده : مننشی، نصراله

ISBN: 9781624668801

Publisher: hacket
ناشر : هکت

Translator: Thackston, Wheeler
مترجم : تکستون، ویلر

Language: English

Size: 5½ x 8½

Publication Year: 2019

Edition: 1

Weight: 1

ISBN: 9781624668801

ISBN: 978-1624668801

Volume 1: 187 pages

Published in: USA

Special Features: This masterful translation of one of the most popular books of world literature makes available to an English readership the animal tales known collectively as Kalila and Dimna. Named after the two jackals of Pancatantra fame, this collection of stories is based on a 12th-century Persian translation of an 8th-century original Arabic rendition by Ibn al-Muqaffa‘. Set within a frame narrative of counsels given to the Raja of India by his Brahmin minister, the engaging tales about cats and mice, storks and crabs, tortoises and geese, owls and crows, and princes and ascetics, function as cautionary illustrations of human predicaments and all-too-human vices and virtues. Far from being a collection of children’s fables, Kalila and Dimna is a Machiavellian mirror for princes containing advice on how to preserve oneself from one’s enemies and get ahead at court and in life. The dialogues that constitute the bulk of the narrative harbor a dramatic immediacy, exerting a powerful effect even on a modern-day reader." —Maria Subtelny, University of Toronto

Subject: Persian literature (classical prose)

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