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Plague 2020
عنوان : طاعون 2020

ISBN: 978-0-578-72373-0

Compiler: Badihian, Mahnaz
ویراستار/گردآورنده : بدیهیان، مهناز

Language: English

Size: 6 x 9

Publication Year: 2020

Edition: 1

Weight: 1

ISBN: 9780578723730

ISBN: 978-0578723730

Volume 1: 300 pages

Special Features: What is preserved inside these pages is not just a collection of poetry and art, but a document of the phenomenon that will change the lives of the people of Earth for several generations to come. COVID anthologies are sprouting up everywhere and are soon to be common, but what the international magazine MahMag has accomplished in this particular collection is an up-front and personal view of the effects of quarantine, the fear of infection, and death affecting little children, grade school children, teenagers, adults, doctors, scientists, teachers, and people of all walks of life; told by everyone, not just practiced poets and artists. Some of these people were driven to create as a result of lockdown; what once were side hobbies have become integral forms of expression that help individuals grapple with the daily grim reality they witness outside their window, in the news, in stories brought home by their parents and family members, some who are working on the front lines. Readers will notice common themes emerging worldwide: The Earth has taken time to heal herself. Salute to healthcare workers. We did not take care of our planet before, but now we can begin in a new way. A view from my window. Looking forward to hugging again. Accounts from countries we do not hear enough from are collected in these pages. Opening this tome, you will now meet each of them for yourself. Poems composed in other languages have been translated into English. There are over 120 poets and about 100 artists from countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, China, Philippines, Nigeria, Tanzania, Cameroon, Sri Lanka and more, so many more. Every frame of art has been mounted on the page in order to maximize viewing. Turn the book to see large-scale horizontals. You will find names you recognize and those whom you would never know otherwise. These people are your neighbors of Earth sharing this event with you. Everyone was touched by this Plague of 2020.By: Youssef Aloui

چکیده کتاب / در باره نویسنده : آنچه در این کتاب می خوانید، تنها مجموعه ای از شعر و هنر نیست، بلکه سندی از پدیده ای است که زندگی مردمان زمین را برای چندین نسل آینده تغییر داده و خواهد داد. گلچین‌های کووید در همه جا جوانه می‌زنند، اما آنچه مجله بین‌المللی ماه مگ در این مجموعه خاص به انجام رسانده است، یک دیدگاه اولیه و شخصی از تأثیرات قرنطینه، ترس از بیماری و مرگ مادر و پدر و فرزندان است. کودکان ، نوجوانان، بزرگسالان، پزشکان، دانشمندان، معلمان، و مردم از همه طبقات زندگی؛ آنچه زمانی سرگرمی‌های جانبی بود، به شکل‌های جدایی‌ناپذیرتبدیل شده است که به افراد کمک می‌کند تا با واقعیت های تلخ روزانه‌ای که در اخبار، در داستان‌هایی که والدین و اعضای خانواده‌شان برایشان نقل می کرده اند، دست و پنجه نرم کنند. اشعار این کتاب به زبان انگلیسی می باشد که از زبان بیش از 120 شاعر از کشورهایی مانند پاکستان، هند، بنگلادش، نپال، چین، فیلیپین، نیجریه، تانزانیا، کامرون، سریلانکا آنها را سروده اند.

Subject: World literature (poetry), Art (history)

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