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The Rainbow's Time
عنوان : فصل رنگین کمان -( انگلیسی)

Author: Jafari, Alireza

ISBN: 978-3-96531-104-6

Publisher: forough
ناشر :

Language: English

Size: 5½ x 8½

Edition: 1

Weight: 1

ISBN: 9783965311046

ISBN: 978-3965311046

Volume 1: 174 pages

Published in: Germany

Special Features: We must write peotry again, The people of the city are griving. Mount Alborz is stuck like a ship. The cup of Jamshid is filled with poison. I am tired fo repeated incidents. I am far from happiness. The horror I have from the memory of tyranny has killed my desire for freedom.

Subject: Persian literature (modern poetry)

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