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shahnameh, the persian book of kings
عنوان :

Author: ferdowsi, abolqasem
مولف/نويسنده : ابوالقاسم، فردوسی

ISBN: 978-0-14-310493-3

Publisher: penguin
ناشر :

Translator: davis, dick
مترجم : دیویس، دیک

Language: English

Size: 5½ x 8½

Publication Year: 2007

Edition: 4

Weight: 2

ISBN: 9780143104933

ISBN: 978-0143104933

Volume 1: 886 pages

Published in: United States

Special Features: The great national epic of Persia—the most complete English-language edition Wherever Persian influence has spread, the stories of the Shahnameh become deeply embedded in the culture, as their appearance in such novels as The Kite Runner amply attests. Among the greatest works of world literature, this prodigious narrative, composed by the poet Ferdowsi in the late tenth century, tells the story of pre-Islamic Iran, beginning in the mythic time of creation and continuing forward to the Arab invasion in the seventh century. The sweep and psychological depth of the Shahnameh is nothing less than magnificent. Now one of the greatest translators of Persian poetry, Dick Davis, presents Ferdowsi’s masterpiece in an elegant combination of prose and verse

Subject: Persian literature (Ferdowsi and on Ferdowsi)

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