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mastering the american accent + 4 audio CDs
عنوان :

Author: mojsin, lisa

ISBN: 978-0-7641-9582-2

Publisher: Barron Educational Service
ناشر :

Language: Persian

Size: 8½ x 11

Publication Year: 2009

Edition: 1

Weight: 1.5

ISBN: 9780764195822

ISBN: 978-0764195822

Volume 1: 186 pages

Published in: United States

Special Features: If you speak English as your second language and want to express yourself with greater clarity, confidence, and accuracy, speech expert Lisa Mojsinas book and audio program will give you the instruction and advice youare looking for. Specific exercises help you concentrate on perfecting vowel sounds, as well as problematic consonants such as " TH, V, W, " and the American " R" and " L. " You will learn to stress the correct syllable of each word and link your words rhythmically for more natural, American-sounding speech. Youall also find help from this programas native language guide, which references problematic accent issues of 13 different language backgrounds. The set of four CDs enclosed with this book use both male and female voices to coach you in correct American pronunciation.

Subject: Education (English language)

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