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talk more persian (Computer CD-Rom) an interactive video for beginners +
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Publisher: eurotalk
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Language: English & Persian

Weight: 1.5

Published in: United Kingdom

Special Features: System Requirements ■Windows 2000 or later ■Mac OS X 10.3.9 or above ■CD ROM Drive (+ computer microphone) ■QuickTime 6 or higher

Reviews: THIS program teaches basic conversational phrases with structures that can be adapted to fit different situations. It also tackles one of the main challenges in learning a foreign language: building the confidence to speak it. Talk More’s recording function allows you to compare your accent with that of a native speaker. Perfect for building a learner’s spoken confidence. In this program you’ll start putting together complete sentences, as opposed to learning individual bits of vocabulary. We’ve selected a range of phrases you commonly need abroad, including many that you might find essential: for example, “I’d like to pay by credit card”, “My camera has been stolen”, and “Where is the pharmacy?” Topics cover greetings, shops and restaurants, getting around, hotels, phone calls, emergencies, leisure and the basic vocabulary of business and technology.

Subject: Education (Persian, Farsi language)

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