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An invitation to persian poetry
an invitation to persian poetry
عنوان :

ISBN: 978-1-59584-090-5

Compiler: saberi, reza
ویراستار/گردآورنده : صابری، رضا

Publisher: ketab corp.
ناشر : شرکت کتاب

Translator: saberi, reza
مترجم : صابری، رضا

Language: English

Size: 6 x 9

Publication Year: 2012

Edition: 2

Weight: 1.5

ISBN: 9781595840905

ISBN: 978-1595840905

Volume 1: 303 pages

Published in: United States

Special Features: In "An invitation to persian poetry", Reza Saberi invites both those who are new to and those who are familiar with the persian language to share with him one of the greatest joys of life:the beautiful, enhanting, and eternal poetry of iran dating back hundreds of years with universal messages transcending cultures, time, and place. Here, in this second edition, saberi has selected poems from 124 classic and modern persian poets of the past millennium and has gracefully translated them into english in a way that allows readers to enjoy the allure and inspiration of these verses with out diminishing their original meaning and elegance.through these translations, Saberi hopes to introduce to the people of the world and particular those of the west one of the most precious treasures of iranian culture."an invitation to persian poetry" is intended to serve as an attractive invitation card that entices its receiver to explore the fascinating paradise of persian poetry.

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